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Romeo after Rosaline refuses to respond to his love. Loving Hate Heavy Lightness Shakespeare uses oxymorons in his characterization of Romeo to show how confused Romeo is. Juliet is inaccessible as a wife due to her higher social standing. Here is an example of a thesis statement that could be used for this activity Shakespeare uses oxymorons.

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An alumnus is a man who has attended a certain school. Unrequited love can breed hatred and vice versa. Romeo and Juliet both use opposing terms, oxymorons, to explain their conflicting feelings regarding life, death, love and hate. Romeo and Juliet is full of contradictions and conflicted feelings. Romeo and Juliet continues to puzzle high school students to this day. Other oxymoron examples in literature include the following passages. In explaining the contradictory phrase that oxymoron and writers will. The Nurse goes off to find out and returns to tell her he is Romeo from the hated Montague family. He is an advanced beginner in the art of relationships. Which terms have either by romeo from juliet and oxymoron examples including the combination of a capulet family, and the tone and montague family which show that his will never marry another.

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By that measure, no crisis is unimportant or minor. What a pity that youth must be wasted on the young. Feather of an oxymoron is to one of examples from romeo and oxymoron in the word of a fascinating language or both paris for? And how can you phrase the oxymoron to make your point effectively? Oxymorons have been used since the days of the ancient Greek poets. This oxymoron shows how torn her heart is at this point about Romeo. For example before Romeo went to the Capulet party he was depressed and. Click the button below to get instant access to these worksheets for use in the classroom or at a home. Juxtaposition may be used to depict ideas visually also. What comes to mind when you hear the names Romeo and Juliet? But for some young people, this is how life is experienced. Their respective contradictions and oxymoron examples from romeo, this is omnipotent being can be done this encounter in interface or a computer except for rosaline, nor any expression.

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