If a petition has already been approved, but the alien has not yet entered the United States, or has entered the United States but not yet commenced employment, the approval of the petition may be suspended. The San Francisco Field Office also issued two compliance orders, which are less severe and may serve as a preliminary step to a stop work order.


They must be in the form of primary evidence, if available. As alluded to above, before USCIS denied the present petition, Mr. The Council makes recommendations to DBEDT regarding the appropriateness of the proposed activity or enterprise, and DBEDT has final authority to approve or disapprove the application for financial assistance. Decision has created an artificial separation between the pipeline and the producers. Senate confirmation is not required. On appeal from or review of the initial decision, the agency has all the powers which it would have in making the initial decision except as it may limit the issues on notice or by rule.

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