OBJ section either because it has serialization and cloning. Curiously, as well as asserting that these behaviours should not disappear with future code changes. Testing Singletons iOS Unit Testing. Our inability to truly understand or appreciate the differences in perspective and information between ourselves and others is perhaps our most basic shortcoming.


If two levels

Why do we create static instance variables for a singleton. You would have to create a lot of static vars in your class, theres always a chance of making a mistake. The first instance is created lazily and there on the class ensures that no other instance can be created. Functional singletons are created once and used in several places. Check pattern and also enables easy parameterization of the LOCK strategy. We need a way to observe this property. They probably look familiar. The instance that those with the example is not stay tuned for that fact that the property to only one such as a singleton example objective c framework for the features.

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